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desmond brown design


A touch of whimsy, a bit of contemporary mixed into the traditional. A fun quote on a serious sofa.  It’s what keeps things interesting, and definitely personal.


Designed, Cut, Stitched, Screen Printed, Pressed, Stuffed, and Labeled…

 all one at a time... all by hand.

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About Desmond Brown Design

What do you do when your husband accidentally buys you an embroidery machine?

you learn to sew
It started with a birthday gift.  One pillow turned to two, ...and three, and four.   And then a background in interior design helped Kelly create a whole line of pillows and home décor.

modern handmade goods

That is what desmond brown design is all about.  Colorful, durable, fun and nostalgic, 

Think of them as a little less  “I need something for my couch” and more  “this makes me happy!”

Like what you see?

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I love mixing things that don’t seem to belong together.  I’m a little bit city, my husband is a little bit country.  I love that my grandmother's footed crystal bowl sits beautifully atop my modern sideboard.  I’ve been a designer for almost 20 years, and that constant study in contrasts undeniably translates into my finished products.