desmond brown design

I always found the easiest way to get yourself un-invited into people's homes is to tell them you're an interior designer.  They think we're judging!

After almost 20 years in the industry, I've relished my role as part interior consultant, part marriage counselor, Starbucks (or wine) drinking buddy, furniture mover, and most importantly... teacher.  

My approach is casual and easy- the and end result being a home that absolutely reflects the personality of it's owner.

about the designer, Kelly Desmond

I N   T H E   M I X 
I am all about contrast.  It seems like parts of my life are always in great contradiction
with each other, always mixing things that don’t seem to belong together.  I’m a little bit city, my husband is a little bit country.  I love that my grandmother's footed crystal bowl sits   beautifully atop my modern sideboard.  I’ve been a designer for over 15 years, and that constant study in contrasts undeniably translates into my finished products.   
A touch of whimsy, a bit of contemporary mixed into the traditional, a scarlet
stripe layered into a palette of chocolates and creams. It’s what keeps things interesting, and definitely personal.
10  T H I N G S   A B O U T   M E   (that you won't see on my resume)
1.  My favorite dinner is a bowl of Lucky Charms 
2.  My husband proposed while we were planting a tree in the backyard 
3.  I plan my life (in the fall) around the schedule of the Chicago Bears 
4.  I talk to my Mom and my Sister everyday 
5.  I don’t like cheese 
6.  I never, ever miss an episode of Mad Men on AMC 
7.  Both my kids are redheads.  How did that happen? 
8.   I’m a little bit bossy 
9.  I drink iced tea, a lot of it. 
10.  My Dad took me on a tour of a Frank Lloyd Wright home when I was six...  the rest is history

the grown up (third person) bio
Discovering an affinity for both leadership and creativity early, Kelly managed visual design for Pier 1 Imports and Marshall Field’s Home Stores.  She then progressed to designing multiple showrooms for Baker Furniture. 
Later, as Manager of the Design Studio for Town & Country Homes and Designer for Hubbard's Home Furnishings, she broadened her experience within the building and custom design industry.  Kelly was also an interiors instructor at the Illinois Institute of Art and is currently teaching at Waubonsee Community College.  
Recognizing her enthusiasm for designing various types of spaces and working directly with clients, Kelly currently enjoys her role as owner and principal designer of Desmond Brown Design.  Kelly earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Illinois Institute of Art.  She also completed 5 years in the School of Architecture at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.